Services/Program Support                 

Systems Engineering | IT Services

AQA SETA delivers end-to-end program management and technical assistance support for our clients throughout the federal government that includes system documentation, personnel security support services, data/records management, configuration management, testing and IV&V support, white paper development, SETA support, security, PKI and SSL technologies, and quality assurance. Our capabilities include scope and change management, planning and monitoring, cost management, quality assurance, human resource planning and risk management. Our mature and tested program management support services help our clients achieve desirable outcomes by anticipating the risks that often foil program success. The objective for all of our program management engagements is efficiency, transparency and mission focus..

  • System Documentation
  • Personnel security support services
  • Data/Records Management
  • Configuration management
  • Testing and IV&V Support
  • White papers development about new technologies and strategies
  • Mobile device provisioning
  • Program and Project Management
  • SETA Support
  • Quality Assurance



AQA SETA provides support for all aspects of responsive integrated and interoperable infrastructure for Simulation, Training, Testing, and Instrumentation Solutions and Acquisition Services for Warfighters and the Nation.


AQA SETA provides file maintenance services and file maintenance special projects support. File maintenance includes maintaining a warehouse of file cases, tracking file case inventory and locations, fulfilling over 34,000 file requests for information from the repository and over 300 requests to the Federal Records Center, quality control and quality assurance of all records on files maintained in the repository, retiring case files, and destruction of Trademark abandoned files as necessary.